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Okay, i guess if this is your first then fine, you get a three, not a two. Listen to the review before me, he covers some good points.

Show your stuff to several people before you submit. Get their feedback and use their comments. Then revise and rewrite. The quality of this flash is surprisingly terrible. I'm surprised it made it through the portal, and even front page of all things...

Good luck on your next one, i guess...


This was fun, I'd say add more to it and make it longer, more gags...

Initially a great idea.

On another note - I was just singing this song at work the other day lol


I'm impressed with the effort of stop animation - it's done very well

Make more, make them longer - After watching so many HORRIBLE new flash that floods in, it's nice to see something different

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Probably the best fighting game on NG

If you ever add any more characters, make a sequel (and I'm sure you've already had suggestions, or thought through possible chars already) some good chars to add could be -- Housemaster, Uberkid, the Dad (from Dad's home), Dad n Me chars, maybe a badger and/or snake, Bitey, Colin Mockrey, Gary Brolsma, Jerry Jackson, I dunno

Not sure where to improve on this game -- the challenges are fun and give this game great replay value, the attacks and combos aren't overly complicated. This game is almost as good as it gets!

Possibly add small adventure areas (similar to Smash Bros.--destroy the targets) to open up more unlockable chars/items/levels - etc.


yeah... just like the last comment, it could of been useful. It's seems to react really slow for some reason. I don't really understand why a person would really actually NEED this, but wtvr. There's a time a place for everything, I guess, but still... I don't see how somebody would buy this software. Make it freeware, since I'm sure i can easily find something similar of equal quality as freeware on some special freeware website.

Theres so many better pong clones out there...

Well made, I guess... The paddles and ball both start off way too slow to be any real fun. There's no sound, not even the basic "boop"... "boop"... "buzz"

There's so many things you can do to make this game actually cool, but skimped and somehow successfully made a pong clone that's worse than the original.

People hate pong clones for a reason, they're all the same and add no features or even humor to the giant pong genre. If you added a ridiculous storyline, better gameplay (quicker paddles/balls), even add simple features like, sticky paddle, multiball, wiggleball, etc. Just play arkanoid or one of it's many clones and see what I mean. Add a dumb storyline taking place in the far future with a tron-esque maybe star wars sports arena feel or something...

You can pretty much add ANYTHING and make this game better than it is right now. Even if it has nothing to do with the game. Like a dancing hamster in the corner that doesn't do anything but distract the player from the actual mundane nature of the game.

Add something!

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I'm back playing Contra

To be honest. This song reminded me of playing the boss of one of those old video games. It was thought out, and from what it sounds like, it gives a good flow of intensity. It didn't get annoying, but I sat through it all the way pleased. So that's good. I give this song a five for originality though, I know this is the first time I've ever listened to this song, but it sounds almost cliche of a Sonic Game of some sort.

Good Job.

Force-Music responds:

Well, Its not boss music, Its from MMX3, Volt Catfish's Stage.

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